Carr Nissan Wants Your Car

Take the Carr Nissan Challenge. Give us a chance to appraise your vehicle & see if we don't surprise you with what we are willing to pay for a nice, clean car, truck or SUV, be it import or domestic.

Contact Us and See!

Right now, the Portland market is experiencing a shortage of high quality used vehicles, which means yours will never be worth more than it is today. We would like to offer you a FREE APPRAISAL so that you truly know what your car is worth. We are willing to pay ABOVE MARKET RATES for your vehicle, WHETHER YOU PURCHASE ANOTHER VEHICLE OR NOT. WE CHALLENGE YOU TO FIND ANOTHER DEALER OR PRIVATE PARTY WHO WILL PAY YOU MORE.

The process is EASY (and takes about 15 minutes for the appraisal).
• If your car is paid off, we can issue you a check or bank draft today.
• If you still owe money on your vehicle, don't worry, we can handle all of the required forms and payoffs.

We are especially interested in the following vehicles:
• 2000 - 2015 4x4 Pickups (e.g. Chevy, Ford and Dodge)
• 2001 - 2015 4x4 Full Size SUVs (e.g. Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon, Expedition)
• 1999 - 2014 Midsize or Compact SUVs (e.g. RAV4, Explorer, Highlander)
• 1998 - 2014 Minivans (all types and models)

We will have BUYERS on hand at all times, or simply call me directly to schedule a no-obligation appointment at 503-643-8676. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you very much for your business, it is truly appreciated.

John Harrell
Why Waste Your Time on Craigslist,
Ebay or in the Newspaper Want Ads?

Freedom from scams, unkept appointments, missed phone calls or emails sent to your spam folder is a beautiful thing. Why spend your time at home, waiting for a phone call or no show when Carr Nissan can give you as much, or more than you would normally expect to receive from a private party, when selling your late model car, truck or SUV?  We know you don't think a dealer can give you as much (or more) money than you can get selling your vehicle on your own. That's why we are challenging you to find out. It only takes 15 minutes to see what we are willing to do. Nice cars, trucks and SUVs are harder for us to come by these days, as they are for all the new and used car dealers. As such, they are holding resale value like never before... which means we can offer you as much, or more than you can get on the street. We dare you to find out. You owe it to yourself to put us to the test.  Call, John Harrell, our used vehicle buying department manager today at (503) 643-8676, or fill out the request for more info at the top of the page.


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